First and foremost we are your local record store and watering hole but occasionally we will host live music and in-store performances. WE NEVER HOST SHOWS ON FRIDAY OR SATURDAY NIGHTS. We do this so you know you can find a place to hang with friends after a long week.

Speaking of long weeks we have HAPPY HOUR SIX DAYS A WEEK…

On average we host two nights of music per week and try and leave Wednesday through Saturday free of live music. If we do host bands during the week please enjoy and respect the folks on stage. We aren’t aiming to be the Bluebird so by all means if the band is playing loud then get loud. We would also ask that if the house is quiet please be respectful of the people on stage. Don’t be the one person everyone can hear over the performer…it’s a really bad look.

For all booking and in-store performance inquiries please refer to our booking page coming soon.