The Story of Vinyl Tap

WAX = Vinyl  +  DRAFTS = Tap (beer and cocktails)

Vinyl Tap is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  Founder Todd Hedrick, a ninth generation Nashvillian, grew up in East Nashville going to concerts at Municipal Auditorium, Starwood Amphitheatre and the Ryman (there was no arena yet) and searching for cassettes, then CD's and vinyl at Tower Records on West End, CATS Records in Inglewood and the Great Escape in Madison. A graduate of Father Ryan High School and Xavier University in Electronic Media, he toiled in corporate America all the while dreaming of owning his own store in his beloved hometown. 

In 2015 it all came together.  The perfect location became available, the vinyl industry was making a comeback, and with the boom (and his love of) craft beer as the perfect companion to both browsing and listening, the stars had aligned.

With the funding, support and partnership of family, the building was restored and perfected, the exciting part of searching out all the vinyl took place and in November 2016 Vinyl Tap became a reality. 

Since then our amazing staff and customers have enabled the dream to thrive.  For that, we say thank you.  The inimitable Jerry Garcia put it best:

            "Once in a while, you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look  at it right"

Information and updates can be found on Facebook and Instagram.