Sign up @ 7:30 starts @ 8

You know you have a DJ handle ready to go at a moment’s notice and you’ve been dreaming of redeeming yourself after falling over the turntable at that house party. Chad still won’t let you live it down. Well here’s your chance, my friend! Call out the crew and show Chad what’s up.

VINYL CLUB is for everyone and regardless of your skill level we invite you to sign up for a 15 minute slot to DJ. Bring all your own records and get your set tight because you’ll want to keep all the heads in the place nodding and bobbing while you spin.

Vinyl Club is held twice monthly and is open to everyone. If you’re looking for a professional DJ to wow you with massive drops or slight of hand turntablery then this ain’t your scene. This event is strictly about having fun with your friends. It’s about trying something in public that you may only work up the courage to do after a couple Margarita’s at Chad’s house.

Our friends overseeing the decks will be by your side during your set so don’t fear! Start getting signed in early at 7:30. Needles drop at 8.

The community that the Vinyl Club gathers is fun and we ask that you respect it and enjoy yourself. Everyone is a member and remember it’s only 15 MINUTES so grab a drink and relax.

Have fun with it.